amy louise lee was born and raised in england, yet has spent most of her adult life in new york city. she resides near central park with her beautiful dachshund, mac.

having studied and worked professionally with some tremendous well-known talent throughout the world, being an artist has been her passion and life for over 16 years. as an artist she finds tremendous pleasure in taking crude, unrefined materials and transforming them into the elegant and familiar. amy's art is a reflection of her enthusiasm for warm, minimalist sophistication, embracing the design philosophy of wabi sabi. no matter the medium, her creativity is almost exclusively inspired by nature. the raw yet elegant, tactile essence of her work is a true expression of her soul

artist statement

inspiration is everywhere in nature, however my prime focus and observation is in the smaller intimate details. I spend a tremendous amount of time studying and researching botanicals, as I connect from the most simple to the most complex forms and shapes they possess. my artwork is a complete reflection of my obsession. my current collection is seeing the beauty in melting large pieces of raw metal and discovering the exquisite organic grace within each piece. all reminiscent of the intimacy I see and feel in nature.